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See Bleed-X at IVECCS

Come see Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder at the upcoming Veterinary conference, IVECCS - Indianapolis, IN (Sep. 10th – 14th).

Stop by, say hi, learn about the latest in hemostasis technology, and grab a sample to see the results for yourself.

Can’t make it? Bleed-X will be at the following conferences over 2014:

Veterinary Dental Forum – Atlanta, GA(Nov. 13th – 16th) CVC – San Diego, CA(Dec. 4th – 7th)

Dr. Brett Beckman – Win a Free Course Entry!

Bleed-X is a proud sponsor of Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM and Annie Mills, LVT

Dr. Brett Beckman - Michigan

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Starting 02/01/2014, anyone who requests a sample of Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder will automatically be entered into our contest for free registration to a course.

There will be a new winner for every seminar. That’s 12 chances to win, just for asking to try out Bleed-X, the latest in hemostatic technology! You’ll also receive the latest updates, news, and promotions from our Bleed-X Newsletter; as well as leading dental information from Dr. Brett Beckman.

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Attend one of Dr. Beckman’s upcoming dental seminars (2014)

San Diego, CA- Sep. 7 Austin, TX- Sep. 14 Charlotte, NC- Sep. 28
Charleston, SC- Oct. 5 Orlando, FL- Oct. 19


Pre-Filled Applicator (BS0001)
Pre-Filled Applicator (BS0001)
Pre-Filled 1cc modified syringe applicator for convenience and precise placement. Sterile. Covers a wound area of 6cm2. Perfect for dentals and biopsies!
Resealable Tube (BV0001)
Resealable Tube (BV0001)
Resealable tube with a desiccant cap and tamper evident seal. Wound coverage area of 30cm2. Contains a powerful mix of patented MPH® + OC. Stop troublesome bleeding now.

5 Key Features of Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder

  1. 1
    Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder is sterile. Unlike most other hemostatic agents on the market, Bleed-X can be used for surgical and topical applications. It does not increase bacteria growth like animal-based sponges. There is no risk of tissue damage like that found with cauterization. It is painless and non-toxic with no discoloration like that found with silver nitrate.
  2. 2
    Completely Bio-Resorbable
    Plant-based and non-toxic, Bleed-X is safe to leave in a surgical site. It is a unique iso-kinetic blend of the original MPH® technology developed by Medafor, Inc. combined with the proven hemostatic benefits of micronized Oxidized Cellulose fiber. Within days, not weeks, Bleed-X will have broken down and been absorbed by the body.
  3. 3
    Safe to Use Almost Anywhere
    What does “almost” mean? Eyes. Bleed-X is safe for enuncleations and the socket region, but it is not recommended to use this hemostatic powder in the eye itself. Otherwise, Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder can be used anywhere such as neurological, liver, pancreas, dental, spays, neuters, and so on. All of this without fear of swelling and is clinically proven to minimize risk of granuloma, infection, or foreign body reaction.
  4. 4
    Easy to Use
    Incredibly simple in execution, Bleed-X is easy to use. 1) Liberally apply powder to the wound site, covering the problematic source of bleeding. 2) Apply one minute of pressure to the wound site. We recommend using a non-stick pad such as Telfa. Gauze works, but risks pulling the clot out upon removal. 3) Use a saline solution to remove excess powder and to gain a proper visual to ensure hemostasis has been achieved. 4) Because Bleed-X is completely bio-resorbable, feel free to leave the hemostatic powder in place and suture as usual.
  5. 5
    FDA Approved
    Bleed-X is a mix of Microporous Polysaccharide Hemospheres (MPH®) and Oxidized Cellulose (OC). Both are approved by the FDA. MPH has been used in over 2 million successful human applications, while OC has been in widespread use for over 50 years. Now it’s ready for animal health. Finally, a veterinary hemostatic agent that is sterile, safe, and FDA approved for surgical applications.

Why Should You Use Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder?

What is your role?

  1. Doctor
    • Saves time & stress
      • With hemostasis commonly achieved in under a minute, you can get to the dozens of other things demanding your time today. Also stops problematic bleeding before it becomes overly serious. Maybe you currently achieve hemostasis just fine without the aid of a hemostatic agent, and that’s great. But why not make your surgeries, extractions, etc. easier on you and the patient?
    • Smiling client = repeat business + word of mouth
      • We’ve heard a lot great feedback regarding appearance and positive client response. Ever get an animal with white fur? The less blood-soaked they leave, the better. Bleed-X also helps stave off post-op bleeding concerns commonly found with dental extractions. It makes for a happy customer, and that’s just good business.
    • New standard of care
      • The automobile replaced the horse and buggy. The rotary phone replaced by the smartphone. Bleed-X Vet is the new standard of care for old standards like cautery and gelatin sponges. They’ve got their place, but Bleed-X Vet is both on the cutting-edge of progress WHILE being simple to use. If you’ve ever had to learn a new device, you know well how those two phrases rarely go together.
  2. Technician
    • Safer topical alternative
      • Bet you’re familiar with silver nitrate. Ever hit a quick? Happens to the best of us. Bleed-X Vet doesn’t sting, stain, and it’s non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about the animal licking their paws. Also, it’s safe and priced low so you can easily hand excess powder off to a client for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer. No worries at home, cause Bleed-X Vet is completely non-toxic. You could eat the stuff if you wanted, but it might not taste the greatest.
    • Be a hero
      • Ever work a day with a stressed doctor? You know how tough those days can be. So when you see a case of unforeseen bleeding, maybe a mandibular neurovascular bundle gets damaged, you’ll be ready with Bleed-X Vet in hand. It’s easy to forget about these new tools in the midst of surgery or extraction, but you’ll be the hero/heroine of the day when you swoop in with Bleed-X Vet to stop bleeding now.
    • Up-to-date skill set
      • The highest compensated workers have the best skill sets. Are you up-to-date on the latest technology in your field? We can’t help with everything, but Bleed-X Vet is leading the way in safe and effective surgical hemostasis.
  3. Practice Manager
    • Improve profits
      • It’s not uncommon to charge for general care to cover administrative and miscellaneous costs. Likewise, it is fair to add a line item such as “bleeding control” whenever Bleed-X Vet is used. Reasoning: Its use potentially aided in saving the animal’s life, it reduces blood exposure to the coat, and has been clinically proven to increase healing times. Even a paltry amount, like $20, has covered the cost of Bleed-X Vet. And because there tends to be excess powder from one unit for future non-sterile use, it further increases profit margins or acts as a goodwill gift for clientele.
    • Long shelf-life
      • 3 years! And that’s just what accelerated aging tests show. While we officially claim 3 years, we’ve got development product that’s still stable and effective nearly a decade later. Course, after seeing how quickly Bleed-X Vet stops bleeding, doctors/staff are going to want to use it daily.
    • Cost-effective & easy inventory
      • In the realm of hemostatic agents, Bleed-X Vet is priced low after taking into account its features compared to competitive products. It’s also plant-based and sterile, surprisingly rare traits in veterinary hemostatic agents. Bleed-X Vet is available through a wide variety of distributors, making it easy to keep in stock on a continuous rotating basis. If you find Bleed-X Vet is not carried by your distributor, please contact them to make sure they continue to carry the latest in veterinary medical devices.
  4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We fully stand behind our product. We want to hear any feedback regarding your experience, good or bad. If you aren’t satisfied with Bleed-X Vet Hemostatic Powder, we are more than happy to provide any assistance to improve your experience, usage, or satisfaction. Simply contact us and we’ll make it right.

Try a Sample!

If you’re wary of hype, come to your own conclusions with a sample. We’re confident you’ll find Bleed-X Vet works as claimed.

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